2015 Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

I was so looking forward to this blog hop!


For once, I was actually ready!

I was inspired a few weeks ago by these cards created by Sarah Gray. In fact, they inspired the production of 30+ cards. What do you fancy – ‘small’ or ‘regular’?


Michele might remember this gorgeous paper? It’s called Glitz Hello December Floral. A little went a long way, Michele, and I wanted to share the loveliness… thanks so much for your generosity. I still have a cute scrap left!

Thanks Amy for yet another fantastic hop! SO glad that I had the opportunity to play along!




22 thoughts on “2015 Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

  1. Did you hear my squeal around the globe?!!!! OH my goodness – that little happy paper had found a very wonderful home! LOve them, Haze… you just made my day a whole lot brighter!
    =] =] =]

    [if you’d like to say yes to Renae, there is paper for the asking! Just let me know- it is yours!]

  2. Awesome!!! Thirty cards?!! That’s amazing. Love these lovely cups, though I’m a ‘venti’ kind of girl myself…lol!! Love how CAS these beauties are. Sooooo cool!!!

  3. Gorgeous card sets, Hazel! Your coffee cups are so pretty, and I love that you created one set with a white background, and one with Kraft…Stunning work!

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