CASology Design Team Craft Space Tours

Hi All!

Here with a different type of post today. It is my turn to share my Craft Space with you as part of CASology’s Design Team Craft Space Tours.

By now, you would have had the opportunity to see quite a few different craft rooms and styles belonging to my teamies. I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed ‘sticky-beaking’ through everyone’s space, and am very excited to be able to share my little patch of paradise with you!

In a nutshell:

  • My space is multi-purpose
  • I don’t have a lot of stuff
  • I love to recycle / ‘upcycle’

At a glance, here it is:


It serves as a play space for my three sons, an office, a music room, and occasionally (when the toys can be shifted), a sitting room.


Over to the left of this room, the space is, more often than not, devoted to ‘play’, and has been known to look like this:


Yes, that is a lot of Lego, and picking it up is nowhere near as fun as tipping it out… But fortunately for all of us, this isn’t how it looks most of the time.

Let’s all take a deep breath and swing back to the ‘craft side’, shall we?

Ok, so my desk is where I store the majority of my colouring tools. I do have some watercolour pencils and paints in a drawer, but what you see here is the bulk of it.


My late grandfather made this printer’s tray upon which my glitters, embossing powders, ink re-fillers, etc sit. It used to hang in my room when I was a girl, containing an assortment of mini-trinkets. My dad kindly attached an mdf backboard to it, to prevent any items falling out the back.


I am a big fan of ‘upcycling’. Most of what you see displayed began life with a different purpose. My favourite disposable coffee cup is perfect for holding my 6 rolls of washi tape. My son’s broken Tupperware lunchbox holds my inking sponges.

IMG_0304    IMG_0305

My inks fit (somewhat precariously) into these collapsible fabric IKEA boxes. They boxes were originally purchased to hold stacks of disposable nappies and wipes, creams, etc, under my sons’ change-table, but mercifully those days are over, so the boxes got ‘re-purposed’.

My markers, adhesives, embellishments, scissors and acrylic blocks are all contained in the stacked clear plastic containers that sit next to my inks and are in easy reach.


Stamps that I am currently working with often sit alongside my craft mat. They fit neatly into a velvet-lined wooden lid that broke off a gorgeous wooden gift box years ago.


Most of my cardstock sits in those Ikea cardboard magazine holders next to the marker boxes. As I don’t have heaps of cardstock, I store each colour in an A4 sheet protector within the magazine holders. That way, I can keep the scraps with the appropriate colour cardstock. As I don’t have a lot of patterned paper, the majority of it sits in a 12 x 12″ polypropylene paper holder at the edge of my desk.


And now, onto my stamp and die collection. Here it is in all its glory! It’s a small, but special collection of stamps and dies, which sit in four folders on top of my bookshelf, and across half the second bookshelf. Each of them are very dear to me!

image   image


The stamp/die cardboard folders were made following this handy tutorial. A few loose wooden stamps sit in the basket next to the clear stamps. The remainder of my wooden stamps are in my printer’s tray on my desk.  The white rattan boxes hold punches and ribbons, respectively. I also like to store envelopes, Christmas patterned paper, home-made cards, craft magazines, fun foam, 3D paper project templates, and other bits and pieces I use less often, in the shelves.

And then there is this poor old beautiful piano that my  husband inherited from a late great aunt. It gets played occasionally, but in truth, gets used more often as a place to store my cards, some computer paper, and other special cards that bloggy friends have sent me.

image     image


And that’s it!

Thanks for visiting! Tracey will be sharing her craft space with you tomorrow, so make sure you check that out!

Bye for now!


23 thoughts on “CASology Design Team Craft Space Tours

  1. Hazel!! I LOve your space! Not only do you re-use/up-cycle, your are very well organized … I also adore the fact that your Big Shot, like MY Cuttlebug, is covered with bits of washi on the ready – who doesn’t do this, right? Beautiful, magical cards come from your darling space …would love to visit one day – think we’d get one bit of crafting done?!

  2. I love your combination craft room , Hazel! I also love seeing the legos all over the floor, legos are a part of our life even now with the grandchildren ..we have tons!
    Loved seeing your space where you craft, thanks so much for sharing! You look very organized too!

  3. The best thing I liked is the pritner’s rack by your grandpa Hazel, it must be a cherished item, and how sweet of you to still have it and use it well. I recycle a lot as well…if i find anything useful, I make use of it somehow. I love that you share your room with your kids. You are pretty organized crafter. Thanks for sharing your space.

  4. That was so much fun, Hazel! It is very obvious that this is a well-used, but well-loved, room filled with well-loved objects! You are very organized to share your hobby with the other family hobbies that happen here! Thank you for the tour!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Thanks so much for the tour. You are very organized, which is a goal of mine. Your upcycled items make your space very special and fun.

  6. Hello Hazel: I just love your crafting space, it’s not only organized but the best part is that you like to reuse, recycle, re-purpose, re-furbish containers and other stuff to keep things neatly in place. I’m a fan of garage sales and antique stores, I have found a lot of things for my craft room there. I also love the fact that your space is full of personal items, like your grandpa’s printer tray, your son’s broken lunch box and your hubby’s great-aunt piano, this items, besides being functional, have a sweet meaning for you and that is just awesome.
    So thank you so much for the tour of your very personal crafting space, I enjoyed seeing where you create your magic.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  7. Hazel I love to see where you create your magic! I love that your crafty space is so inviting to your children. As you well know that when Lego is in the house watch where you step–ouch!! You are so organized I love that you keep your stash in control and only the things you really love. The squishy IKEA bins are great to keep stuff in. Thank you for sharing your space!

  8. It looks like you’ve made good use of that room and keep your things well organized and close at hand. Thanks for sharing, Hazel.

  9. What a wonderful little space you have. Love how neat and organized you are, and how fun that there is a place for your kiddos to play. I laughed at all that lego–been there/done that one!

  10. I am loving this series – it’s so fun to snoop around everyone else’s craft spaces. 🙂 First of all I love the awesome piece of art – those bold blooms against the black and white – so awesome! Did you paint that? I also love fact that your grandfather made the printer’s tray you use for your stamps and that you’ve treasured it for so many years. That Lego picture cracked me up just as much this time as the first time I saw it. Lego is awesome enough that it can be excused though. 🙂 Hopefully one day I will see this space in person!

  11. Love your space Hazel – I’m inspired to go do a bit more tidying in mine – my floor looks like your Lego area – but it’s not Lego! If I toss out all my cardmaking magazines I’d have so much more space. And do I really need 3 Big Shots? Can I be strong? …
    Your husband’s piano looks a similar vintage to mine (which was my Grandmother’s) – is it a Beale?

  12. This looks like a fabulous place to craft and I absolutely love that picture you have on the wall with the flower!! So many ink pads and embossing powders, oh how I wish I lived around the corner, we could share so many goodies!! My children seem to have outgrown Lego now which I’m really bummed about. They both have it in their room and Phoebe has been rearranging hers of late but Max is too caught up in his new PS3 to worry about it. He has so much, I would hate to think how much I have spent over the years….wish I had the time to get it organised into sets and sell it!!!! Think of all the stamp sets and dies I could buy!

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