CASology #161: Plaid

I cannot think beyond Scottish kilts when it comes to this week’s CASology cue:

Despite having a little Scottish blood running in my veins, there is not a lot of plaid in my life, and that includes my patterned paper stash. So, I once again went in search of something digital, and found a fabulous assortment of plaid patterns here at Mein Lila Park! Actually, Mein Lila Park has all sorts of pretty patterned paper – well worth a look!

Anyway, I teamed my pretty plaid paper find with a classic  Waffle Flower bow, and diagonally  descending  Bowtiful sentiment.


What do you think? Can you hear bagpipes?

For those seeking elusive plaid, I have scored two parallel vertical lines, intersecting with three parallel horizontal lines. Look carefully – you can just seem them.


If this layout looks familiar to you, it’s because I have CASE’d  a wonderful Latisha Yoast design, found in a superb reference book called Clean & Simple Cards. Unfortunately, I don’t have an electronic copy of her card, but I have tried to re-create Latisha’s fabulous diagonal layout, which extended from a ribbon knot at the top of her card, to some embellishments at the bottom.

Clean & Simple Cards, created by Tami Mayberry , isn’t a new book, but as the basics of design theory do not change, it is a timeless resource! I stumbled upon it in my local library, and the time has come for me to buy a copy instead of repeatedly borrowing it.

With that said, please take a look at how the rest of the Design Team was inspired:

Guest Designer: Karen

Thanks so much for popping by, and I look forward to your plaid creations in the Gallery!

Hazel 🙂


12 thoughts on “CASology #161: Plaid

  1. Hazel, this is wonderful on so many levels! First, I love the dowloaded plaid pattern (and I have been following Mein Lila Park for some time…love her freebies). Second, I adore the score lines, yet another plaid pattern on your cute card. I’ll have to look into that book…I wonder if my library has it?! I always learn something when I visit your blog! 🙂

  2. Well, for someone who doesn’t have much plaid in their life, your sure know how to use it. This is brilliant. I must remember to search out more digital ideas, there must be so much that Uncle Google hasn’t shown me that could help on those ‘no mojo’ days….

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