‘Getting to know me’ blog hop

Today’s post is a little different. I was ‘tagged’ by the very talented Jasleen from Happily Ever Crafter  to participate in a ‘Getting to Know Me’ blog hop. I was flattered, to say the least!

When I think of Jasleen, I think of illuminated colour – intense fuschias, electric blues, iridescent yellows and oranges, used sparingly, but to maximum effect, on a sea of white. Jasleen’s  careful placement of any embellishment, which is often handmade, is a point of difference. Oh, and she’s a whiz at quilling too!  Her cards literally glow, are splendidly unique,  and if you haven’t yet seen Jasleen’s work, please pay her blog a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

I have also invited two other very talented designers who I admire immensely to be part of this hop, and their details are below. Please pay them a visit!

Now, I have been asked to answer the following 5 questions. Here goes:

1. What projects am I currently working on?

I have three projects on the go at the moment:

1. An order of 25 little Father’s Day token gifts. Sneak peek:


2. Travel-friendly mini felt gifts that I have made for my cousins overseas.  Sneak peek:







3. A card for my Guest Designer spot at CASology this week! SO excited!!! Sorry, no sneak peek 🙂

 2. How and what inspires my designs?

I love illustration, animation, graphic design, negative space, clean lines, bold colour, lots of uncluttered white space. I wish my house reflected my love of unclutter!

I learn daily from my fellow bloggers, and pay close attention to the CAS advice offered by CASology’s DT. I love the individual style of each of these women! I also adore Hannelie Bester’s style from Desert Diva, then there’s Amy Tsutura from Tsutura Designs… I could go on and on!!

Pinterest, nature, my children, toys, catalogues, things lying around – it has all inspired a card.

And finally, I am inspired daily by children’s picture books, particularly those with a graphic design bent. Picture books are my other passion, and yes, I buy them for myself!  As an avid follower of Carter Higgins from Design of the Picture Book,  I am developing a better understanding of graphic design principles.

3. What methods do I apply to my creative process??

I am not known for consistency, so a tried and true method is a work in progress.   Once upon a time, I would go straight to card after spending hours (sometimes sleepless) envisioning what the card would look like. I would tweak and play with it until I liked what I saw. This could take minutes/ hours/ never eventuate. It was ultimately a waste of good paper and time!

Recently, I have resorted to sketching first. This is a far more streamlined approach.  I think; sketch; then mock-up. The thinking can take days or hours, depending on when I am struck with inspiration. Like Jasleen, my inspiration strikes away from the craft desk – driving, chores,  sleeping (should be), reading to kids, etc.

4. How long do my projects take to complete?

It really depends on the project. I have literally spent 2 minutes on some cards (sadly, they look like it too!) Otherwise, closer to an hour. It TOTALLY  depends on the faff factor – do I/don’t I put that ONE embellishment there? Is that straight? Should I put the sentiment this way or that way…?   And then if the heat tool comes out, well, there goes another hour…

Thanks so much

Mounting the frame straight was a MAJOR challenge for me! Had SO much fun playing with the embossing though!

When I have orders, that’s another ball game, and that takes days or weeks, depending what’s on. It become a bit of a production line of thinking, mocking up, prepping, then churning out.

5. If I had to describe my signature style, what would it be?

Being a newbie, I feel it might be a little premature to settle on a signature style, but to quote a fellow blogger,  Shona Chambers from Twine Around: if it was any more CAS it would be blank”.  I fell in love with this expression, and it describes me to a ‘T’ at the moment!

One red dot made it onto this card. Just!

One red dot made it onto this card. Just!

I gravitate towards one focal image,  with the occasional embellishment.  I don’t like too many elements competing for attention.  I can agonise for AGES over whether to apply an embellishment or not, before deciding it’s too much, and leave it off.

I am currently on an inking / masking bend and as with water-colouring, I am loving the unpredictability of how each piece turns out! Really  living on the edge with that one!image

Soooo, on that note,  I think it’s a wrap! Thanks for your indulgence!

Now onto something more exciting:

Drum roll please: If you haven’t already come across these amazing ladies, then let me please introduce you to:

Claire from Life on the Scrap Heap!

Firstly, what a cool blog name! Secondly, what a clever, inspiring designer who can work comfortably across many card genres. I love how Claire can post a CAS card one minute, and in the subsequent post, showcase a highly detailed work of art. As an accomplished scrapbooker, Claire is also one of those clever designers who can actually use several elements on a card and still make it beautifully CAS. Wish I had that skill and confidence! I thoroughly enjoy her style and always look forward to receiving her blog posts to see what amazing creation she has devised.

Anita from Neet & Crafty

Anita’s elegant CAS style had me hooked from the first time I stumbled across one of her cards in a gallery. Her choice of colours, stamp pairings, layouts, etc, are always so pleasing on the eye. It is no wonder she is on the Design Team for Addicted to Stamps.  I always look forward to her amazing cards and fun blog posts, and find her enormously inspiring. Oh, and she also has this fab tab on thrifty Organisation Ideas! Love it! Check it out!

Well, thank you for sitting around my virtual craft table. Make sure you visit these amazing ladies’ blogs and leave them a little love, ‘cos we all know a little love goes a long way!

Thanks for visiting.




4 thoughts on “‘Getting to know me’ blog hop

  1. Hazel, you’re way too kind thank you. You seem to have the same approach as me….a certain amount of faffing around before something gets made lol! Your cards are stunning – particularly the black one in the post…just gorgeous! looking forward to taking part in the blog hop next week!

  2. Such kind words, thank you Hazel *blushes*. I love reading about how other crafters’ projects evolve and where their inspiration comes from. You’re certainly not alone in the way you work lol! I’ll thoroughly enjoy taking part in this blog hop next week and will definitely be checking out Claire’s blog later. Hugs xx

  3. Hazel, your words just make my work appear more beautiful. Thank you for such kindest words about me. I’m truly honoured. It was wonderful knowing more about your creative process. I can relate to you in so many ways, like tweaking and playing with the card in the making, until I feel it’s ‘right’. 🙂 Great to see your stunning line-up of cards again here. Have a great day.Hugs.

  4. What a great post, Hazel ! You have the most amazing CAS style – love the cards showcased here – wish I had your ‘eye’ 🙂

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